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Executive Head Office
481 Valade Crescent
Ottawa, Ontario. Canada
K4A 2W9
(613) 686-5692

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Bush and Associates Consulting is a management services company with its head office in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Its purpose is to deliver affordable executive level management expertise and knowledge to fit the needs and budgets of small and medium sized enterprises, departments of large corporations, government and not-for-profit organizations.

Since 1992, Bush and Associates Consulting has become the management firm of choice for private and public sector organizations seeking 21st Century services and solutions for them. It deals with any type of management issue including growth, downsizing, succession, new product launches, acquisitions, mergers, IPOs, training, benchmarking and coaching.

Our unwavering commitment is to provide organization specific solutions to increase management effectiveness. It is to work with clients to improve operations, reduce costs and increase profits and cash flow. We work with clients to achieve their goals and objectives in the most cost effective manner possible.


Market Analysis
Bush and Associates Consulting is the result of extensive discussion, review and analysis to address needs and trends in the economy. From experience and market assessment it was found that:
  •  success of SMEs was directly related to access to top level management expertise;
  •  the contracting of executive level management skills was more cost effective than full time hires;
  •  executive level managers are more available in the marketplace;
  •  SMEs contracting managers were more successful than those using internal staff only;
  •  contract management firms need to be one stop service centres, offering the full range of management services;
  •  firm specific core skills are best delivered by employees;
  •  corporations benefit from the flexibility of contracted managers in costs, reduced overheads and results;
  •  all management and interpersonal skills training programs, tended to provide accepted general applications with passing consideration for organizational needs or returns on the investment;
  •  coaching services tended to be consulting on a one-to-one basis, with little or no transfer of skills or techniques directly impacting the organization;
  •  benchmarking services tend toward confirming company identified issues and solutions producing short-term solutions, without synthesizing a broader market analysis into a comprehensive set of short-term and longer-term results.

  • Bush and Associates Consulting delivers client driven solutions which best fit the realities of the client organizations.
    Benefits Identified by Clients
  •  immediate access to executive level expertise
  •  improved management effectiveness
  •  lower management costs
  •  no hiring, payroll costs
  •  increased revenues
  •  improved profits
  •  improved performance and results
  •  improved decision making
  •  improved problem-solving
  •  improved resource allocation
  •  more time available to manage
  •  enhanced image
  •  learnings directly related to the job
  •  increased level and depth of skills

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