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Consulting and Specific Functional Assignments
consulting Projects - Assignments - Reports

We bring our expertise to solve the immediate need with the view to eliminating the cause of the problem. Our Associates understand that your needs are not the same as every other organization; therefore, we are committed to delivering solutions to meet your specific mission-critical needs. By our interventions you focus your resources on the business, problem solved.

Specific Functional Assignments
Our Associates provide expertise in numerous executive and governance positions.

  • Corporate Board Directors
  • Arbitration Board Representatives
  • Task Force Representatives
  • Boards of Inquiry Representatives
  • Industry/Company Representation to Associations
  • Public/Media Relations Services
  • Reports
    We have the expertise to deliver the report you need on your terms. Researched by managers, written by managers, for managers: our reports provide the straight goods, giving you the information and insights for resolution and improvements.
    Smart Management ProgramsTM

    Outsourcing - Core Business - Results
    The Service
    Full service for those necessary functions required to support your business yet are not the core competencies essential to make your products or deliver your services.

    Benefits of Smart Management ProgramsTMsmart
    1. improved operations.
    2. lower costs and increased revenues.
    3. flexibly targeted skills and talents.
    4. more time available to manage core functions.

    Credentials of our Staff
    1. experienced in their discipline.
    2. skilled at multi-tasking.
    3. skilled at multi-contracts.
    4. results driven.
    5. leaders have a minimum of 20 years experience.

    Features of Smart Management ProgramsTM
    1. experienced flexible functional teams
    2. no employment costs
    3. lower overhead costs

    Typical Clients
     retail - wholesale - manufacturing - insurance - high tech. - health care - associations - SMEs


  • Financial management
  • Human resource management
  • Marketing management
  • Administrative management
  •  Project management

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    Management Services ContractsTM
    Experienced - Responsible - Accountable - Results
    The Service
    Part-time or temporary full-time Managers-on-Contract© with the right mix of skills and expertise. As members of your management team we take the responsibility for the implementation of solutions and results. This distinguishes us from employees and consultants in costs, depth of service and results.

    managers Benefits of Managers-on-Contract©
    1. improved operations.
    2. lower costs and increased revenues.
    3. enhanced image.
    4. more time available to manage.

    Credentials of our Associates and Principals
    1. a minimum of 20 years business experience.
    2. a minimum of 5 years at senior levels.

    Features of Managers-on-Contract©
    1. experienced flexible service delivery.
    2. no employment costs.
    3. lower overhead costs.
    4. support network.

    Typical Clients
    - growth  - stagnation - new products - restructuring - downsizing - succession - mergers/acquisitions - IPOs - temporary vacancies

    - general management - business planning - financial management - marketing and sales
    - human resources - project management - administration - corporate directors

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    C2M© Confidential Coaching for Managers
    Growth - Skills - Mentoring - Results
    The Service
    Guidance and learnings to enhance management effectiveness.

    Benefits of C2coaching
    1. improved performance and results.
    2. improved decision making.
    3. improved problem-solving.
    4. improved resource allocation.
    5. more time available to manage.

    Credentials of our Coaches
    1. certified in rigorous development program
    2. customer performance evaluations

    Features of C2
    1. access to experienced management coaches.
    2. no employment costs.
    3. job specific skills.
    4. company specific skills.

    Typical Clients
    1. M2M: Manager-to-Manager is designed to coach managers on a one-to-one basis.
    2. MAP: Management Assistance Plan is designed for universal management access to coaching.
    3. Coached Learning is designed to train and coach managers on the firm specific skills required.
    4. The Personal Mentor is designed for the busy executive or business owner.

    coach                                              mentor
    - amalgamations - growth or downsizing - on the job training - owner/operators - promotions - new hires

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