Select the description which best represents your organization. If you are stuck between two, take the lower numbered one. Now you know the type of power-decision making in your organization.

1. Management decides

2. Management decides and informs

3. Management decides and gives feedback

4. Management asks for employee opinion and then decides

5. Employees given a problem, asked for recommendation, then management decides

6. Employees identify a problem, develop a recommendation, then management decides.

7. Employees and management jointly decide

8. Employees decide


This tool is useful to identify the type of power and decision making systems in the organization.

The organization realizes culture change only when moving from one typology to another. If the change process does not shift the organization to another type on the Continuum, then there cannot be a change to the culture.

Knowing the location of the organization on the Continuum will provide you with the broad parameters for survival and success as part of it. For large corporations and governments, the type for the organization will tend toward that at the head office or capital city.

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